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Dovetailing our Customer's Needs to Meet their Goals

Proposal Services - Marion Minke, MEd, PPM-APMP, CEM

Dovetailers provides your company with organized proposal techniques specifically designed to meet your needs, which are:

Capture Planning

We assess your customer needs and wants in regards to the products and services you have to offer; and develop a plan to capture government and private business in line with your company's expansion goals.

Customizing Your Proposal Needs

We believe in providing you with the proposal services you need, from full proposal management to technical writing to production services.  Our services include:
  •  Review your proposal process to make sure all steps are captured
  •  Review your capture planning methodology to ensure customer focus
  •  Conduct kick-off and in-progress meetings to make sure the proposal is on schedule
  •  Develop a compliant response outline in conjunction with a responsibility framework
  •  Conduct review sessions and editing
  •  Manage  the production of the final product.
  •  Develop a database of boilerplate proposal sections to easily customize meeting the requirements of each bid


Our philosophy/commitment is to train our clients so that they can more efficiently and effectively manage their own proposal process.  We customized our training to fit your proposal needs and offer training for:
  •  Technical writers to focus their technical information around customer benefits
  •  Sales writers to focus on customer needs and wants throughout the response
  •  On time-management, graphics, tables, matrices and any needs  that need customizing


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EIN: 65-0625374
Cage Code: 5VCB7

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